Dog & Puppy Training Classes

What makes our classes better than other stores?

Our dog and puppy training classes are not like other big box stores. Unlike other stores, we keep our classes very small (on avarege 3-5 dogs) so you get more of an 1 on 1 attention with our professional dog trainer who has over 20 years experience in dog and puppy training. Large dog training classes simply do not work, because you end up just listening to the instructor talk the entire time, which makes the training challenging since you are unable to closely communicate, address your questions and concerns with the dog trainer.

Information about our dog & puppy training classes

Our puppy training program educates both the puppy and owner, our classes are held at our San Jose location. This includes basic obedience training and other procedures needed to solve behavioral problems at home.

During the dog & puppy training classes, dog owners will be given feedback and individual instruction regarding the most appropriate training techniques for their dog or puppy. Techniques chosen are based on the dog's temperament, the progress the dog is making, and the capabilities of the owner. Puppies and owners are treated as individuals.

Each puppy is assumed to have a unique set of training needs and that owners differ in terms in terms of their handling skills and what they want to accomplish. The dog and puppy training program functions to assist owners with whatever behavioral "challenges" their dog presents, and to provide instruction in basic obedience and behavioral counseling designed to meet the individual needs of both the dog and owner.

Our dog training methods involve physically positioning the puppy in the desired posture and then rewarding with social and verbal praise. Food treat training is not heavily used. Choke chains are not used. For some dogs, Gentle Leader head collars are recommended, particularly for larger, stronger puppies who pull when walked. Average class size varies between 8 - 15 puppies. Classes are held on most Saturday mornings. Pre-registration required.

  • Puppy & Dog
    Training Classes
    6 Weeks (1 Hour Per Session)
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    1-on-1 Training
  • Private 1 on 1 Classs
    6 Weeks (1 Hour Per Session)
  • Good Citizenship
    6 Weeks (1 Hour Per Session)

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